A note to my friends on here

Thank you so much to everyone who messaged me last night and this morning. my life has gone through about a thousand changes since i started this blog. And I know there are some of you who followed me when i was allthiscanbeyours, and stuck with me through about 75 mental breakdowns, 4 boyfriends, 25lbs and 3 career changes. Every encouraging note i received yesterday, whether it was 3 sentences or 3 paragraphs, letting me know that you’ve either felt the exact same way at some point and got through it, or are currently struggling and wanted to tell me that you’re right there with me…all that shit means the world to me. thank you for never making me feel stupid when i break character and write an honest post. It’s easy to forget that i started this blog for myself and sometimes it’s the best therapy, when i need it to be.

Also, thanks to one of my awesome followers, i’m gonna get one of those indoor SAD lights that trick your dumb brain into thinking it’s actual sunlight. it’s gonna be a long 5 months.