All you dudes wearing boxers, please explain yourselves.

Why. Boxer-briefs are where it’s at. I mean, probably. Right? Like, why are you wearing shorts UNDER your pants? They’ve got to bunch up and shit. I’ve def heard you guys complaining about that sort of thing. And you look 13 in boxers. Briefs are for gay men and europeans. So that leaves boxer-briefs as the logical underwear of choice. Coverage without the bulk, no? So why the hell is my boyfriend still wearing boxers at the age of 27? Fuck that, 3 years of boxers? I’m hitting up Target and buying him boxer-briefs for his birthday and it will be nobody’s fault but his own. Listen, a  decent boner in a pair of boxer-briefs to a woman is like a set of titties in a nice bra to a man. That’s all the convincing you should need.